Peer Leadership--Creating Leaders at Every Level of Your Organization

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Harmony Library
Community Room

Event Details

Most people believe leadership means directing people who work for you, "down" the organization. Many other courageous souls do their best to lead up, helping their leaders help them. Organizations with “flat” org charts have a unique opportunity to reframe the leadership conversation. The most valuable, overlooked and under-practiced form of leadership is peer leadership - influencing, supporting, and helping people across all levels grow and succeed. Peer leadership means employees take responsibility to support others to do their best for the good of the whole organization. Participants in this workshop will walk away with: · The benefits of peer leadership for your organization · Keys to creating a framework for peer leadership · Proven strategies for helping your team step into leadership with each other · Benefits of leadership mindsets for smaller, resource constrained organizations No registration required.
Event Type(s): Programs
Age Group(s): Adults
Presenter: Jana Sanchez, Trebuchet Group